Minnie mouse amigurumi english pattern


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ÿ 100% thick acrylic wool (in Argentina it is called thick cashmilon); the manufacturer recommended needle 4 to 5 (we will use a 3.5mm needle): Black, white, pink or color of your choice for the dress.
ÿ For the parts of the face, finer skin-colored wool (light beige, light pink) is needed. Wool 100% acrylic; The manufacturer recommends a 3 to 4 needle and we will use a 1.75mm or 2mm needle to knit all the parts of the face.
ÿ Silicone fleece. ÿ
Yarn needle (upholstery needle). ÿ Lenci cloth (felt), polar fabric or some material of your choice in black and white to make the eyes.
ÿ Satin ribbon for the bow of the shoes (it is optional, since they can also be knitted). ÿ Opaque white sequins for the polka dots on the dress. If you prefer you can do it with eva rubber circles or lenci cloth. ÿ Liquid silicone or any glue of your choice.

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